Couldn’t believe my ears

March 28, 2014 Caroline Relationships

The room was cold and quite we sat in a circle and heard each other’s stories one by one. It was my turn I cleared my voice and began…” I didn’t have anywhere else to go. No family no friends so I moved to Paris with my long distance boyfriend. And the next day he told me he worked for Amsterdam escorts services and he was married. I couldn’t believe my ears. Lie after lie began to unfold as I walked around his home and noticed he had a family on the way… The whole time he was talking to me he had a pregnant wife whom I thought was his sister… I immediately ran upstairs to gather my belonging to go, until I released that my passport was missing…in its place I found a picture of his pregnant wife in New York with my passport in her hand!


Media Debate

January 24, 2014 Caroline Culture

There has been a great deal of debate going on in the media over recent weeks about an apparent rise in promiscuity in society. It is a topic that has always interested me as a journalist but is one that is incredibly difficult to measure.

There has undoubtedly been an increase in casual dating since the introduction of the internet and it would seem that more and more people, both men and women, are looking for a fuck buddy to have casual sex with. Society in general seems to be more approving of ‘out of marriage’ sexual relationships than it used to be but to what extent is it really happening?

Research into the topic will prove to be fascinating but gaining empirical evidence of an increase in casual relationships and sex may prove to be very difficult.


Some Serious Searching

January 13, 2014 Caroline Computers

I got this new computer last week and I am loving everything about it. It has this cool facial recognition application on it and the WIFI is really fast. The first night I bought it I did some random web searching and since it was used, the others persons favorite website and searches kept popping up. Apparently the person like London escort agency and female fire fighter strippers. It is funny being able to go to a persons web history and see exactly what they have been researching. I am not sure why the person did not clear everything off the computer before shipping it, but it is nothing I can’t handle. I used to work in a computer store so I know how to reboot them and clear off information pretty quickly. Luckily for me I can do this because there is a lot of information stored on this little computer.